How to survive Xmas with the in-laws.
How to survive Xmas with the in-laws. theprint

5 ways to survive the in-laws this Christmas

How to survive the in-laws.

Tackling Christmas with the in-laws can be tricky especially if relationships are a bit tense due to the fact that you took their darling girl/boy away from them, or as with many cases, you simply aren't good enough for their little princess/prince.

The family of your better half might also be very different from your own, a little bit posher perhaps, or maybe a bit rougher, depending on how well you've gone with your spouse selection.

Are you punching above or below your weight? It's important at Christmas time.

If there are no issues and everyone gets along just fine, then you're one of the lucky ones, but in case you need a little help, here's a few tips to help get you through the holiday period with the in-laws.

1. Butter them up with awesome gifts.

Go all out. If your budget allows it (or even if it doesn't but you simply have to do something to make things less painful), just go nuts and buy them the most expensive and outrageous gifts.

A cruise, $1000 gift voucher at Bunnings or a Gold Coast holiday.

This sort of thing should see you loved and admired for a little while, at least long enough to last the holidays, and it'll probably even get you out of trouble should you break a family heirloom, make a pass at the mother-in-law or block the toilet.


Win them over with a nice Ferrari.
Win them over with a nice Ferrari.

2. Win them over with food.

Spend the months leading up to Christmas watching the Food Network religiously or poring over Jamie Oliver's cookbooks like you're studying for an exam.

Master the Croquembouch, or prepare the most amazing Christmas Day banquet with all the trimmings. Maybe even spit roast a pig and stand around announcing the secret is all in the way you wind it.

Anybody can make a trifle, be daring and try a Zumbo-inspired Christmas dessert and sit back and watch the admiration and appreciation flow forth.

If they prefer a more simple fare, a strictly meat and three veg family, then try dusting the Woolies snags in broken up Doritos, before drizzling with American mustard.

If you can't cook, don't go anywhere near the kitchen, you'll only make things worse.


Go you kitchen whizz.
Go you kitchen whizz.

3. Don't get drunk

If things are a little tense with the in-laws, you don't want to give anyone anymore reasons to have a go at you.

Having a few too many might loosen the tongue and you could find yourself saying things you really shouldn't.

Drooling over your boyfriend's hotter younger brother after a few too many champagnes might ruin more than Christmas.

Be sensible, enjoy one or two drinks and then make excuses about turning over a new leaf, or being in training for the Gold Coast Marathon.


Don't get drunk.
Don't get drunk. Monkey Business Images Ltd

4. Compliment everything (to an extent).

The decorations, the food, the tree, the presents, the dodgy Christmas lights, the garden, the dog, the grandchildren, everything.

This is a fine line, you don't want to appear like you're grovelling but things like, "Wow, those petunias are magnificent Carol," or "Des, this shed is a work of art," while looking lovingly at the circular saw, should go down a treat.

Although as with before, do not, under any circumstances compliment the girlfriend's sisters low cut top.


Compliment them.
Compliment them. Eraldo Peres

5. Help the father-in-law with a large job.

Big brownie points here. Whether it be restumping the house or knocking out a wall for renovations, these sorts of unselfish actions could see you heralded a hero and change views for ever.

Even if you're an award winning builder, let the old man take charge and be satisfied with being an eager apprentice.

Make the odd reference to how much he looks like Scott Cam, or Jamie Durie depending on the circumstance.

Be ready with the hammer, always have a pocket full of nails at the ready and never, ever say, "Don't you think you should do it this way?"


Help out the father-in-law.
Help out the father-in-law.


Of course, these tips aren't foolproof but they might just make your holiday stint with the inlaws a little more tolerable.

If not, it's only one day, then you won't have to see them again for another year.

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