25 years, and still counting

A DEDICATED LIFE: Amalgamated Pest Control general manager Mick Farr presents Deon Hunt with his gold watch for 25 years of service.
A DEDICATED LIFE: Amalgamated Pest Control general manager Mick Farr presents Deon Hunt with his gold watch for 25 years of service. Contributed

IT TAKES a lot of dedication to do something for 25 years (and counting), but for Deon Hunt, it's only a step along the way.

Last month he was recognised for 25 years of service to Amalgamated Pest Control with an award from the company.

Born and bred in Chinchilla, Mr Hunt started working for the company in 1992, and when the previous owner moved away he and his wife Wendy purchased the Chinchilla franchise.

That was in May 1994, and under his supervision the franchise grew in size.

Mr Hunt now works as the operations business development manager, after the company bought back the franchise last year.

Mr Hunt said his wife Wendy has been in the business for 23 years.

Together, they have nearly half a century of experience.

"I'm very proud of what my wife and I have done,” Mr Hunt said.

He said the key to long-term success is hard work and good relationships.

"It's like anything mate, you knuckle down and do the work,” he said.

"When I first started doing this, I'd go to Glenmorgan. You'd leave at half past five in the morning and get back at half past eight at night.

"A lot of it is just customer relationship.

"But in saying that too, it's the people we've got working for us.”

While for some 25 years in the same place and industry may cause a shudder, Mr Hunt said he had always enjoyed his work and had no intention of leaving.

"If I didn't like it I wouldn't have done it for that long,” he said.

"Another ten years to go, unless someone tells me something different.”

Through it all he's had a good sense of humour.

"When I started I had a head of hair, now I have none.”

And he has a message for all his loyal customers.

"Thank you very much for 25 years and I'm here for a lot more to come.”

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