20 years old and already behind bars for DV crimes

A 20-YEAR-OLD man was sentenced to six months in prison for a series of horror domestic violence incidents.

Police were called to a Rockhampton address in May after the man and his partner got into a verbal argument where he called her a "fat sl*t" and a "fat c**t".

She then attempted to put their newborn baby in the car but he removed the baby capsule, went into the house, and locked her outside.

Another incident occurred in June this year when the man became aggressive after his partner asked him for $50 he owed her and threw a pair of nail clippers at a microwave, breaking the glass.

He then grabbed her phone and threw it in the backyard.

When she asked him to "not do it in front of the children", he grabbed her wrist, leaving marks.

A third incident occurred later that month where the defendant's partner grabbed her four children and locked them in the car after she asked him to leave the home.

He ran outside and attempted to retrieve the new born from the car but one of the children locked the car doors. The defendant then hit the vehicle.

When his partner attempted to get into the car, he punched her twice in the face.

These are the stories heard in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Wednesday where the man pleaded guilty to three breaches of a protection order.

The suspended sentence the defendant was serving at the time of his offending was activated and he was sentenced to four months imprisonment.

He was also sentenced to six months imprisonment for both the first and third protection order breaches.

For the second breach he was given a six month suspended prison sentence with an operational period of two years with all sentences served concurrently.

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