SOCIAL FUN: Lachlan Paerau and Brady Forde are glad to have the social tennis season back for another year.
SOCIAL FUN: Lachlan Paerau and Brady Forde are glad to have the social tennis season back for another year. Michael Doyle

2018 tennis season hits off

Tennis: The 2018 Chinchilla tennis season has hit off after competition started on Tuesday evening.

Six teams went head to head in the first night of competition, with players of all ages taking a swing.

Chinchilla Tennis Association treasurer Rita Paerau said it was an excellent night.

"Really good night, we've got a few new players,” Paerau said.

"We've had a couple of younger players, so it's pleasing to see some... coming through.”

Chinchilla Tennis Association president Don Bell said that the club has seen numbers drop off over the past couple of years.

"It is a problem because probably only two and a half years ago we probably had 40 people playing and now we're back to around about 30,” Bell said.

"Because there's been a change in, we had a lot of people from the resource companies playing and that sort of died off a bit of a while so we lost a number of players in that way.

"We've always had a bit of a problem with our younger players when they finish school they head off to university or somewhere and leave town, so we lose lots of our younger players.

"We have a lot of kids getting coached on Tuesday afternoons but they don't seem to transition to the competition.

"So it is a bit of an issue, we're not really quite sure why the numbers have dropped off so much.”

But Mr Bell is still optimistic, and he said the social tennis nights have been well attended.

"We have anything up to probably 15 to 20 people some nights on Thursday nights,” Bell said.

"That's a lot easier, there's no commitment, people can just turn up and play on Thursday night and they don't have to be committed to a competition where they're expected to be part of a team every Tuesday, just a turn up if you can kind of set up that is.”

As for the fixtures, the first competition is set to run until April, and Bell said the club will also be holding tournaments throughout the year.

He said anyone interested in playing can contact him on 46689193.

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