22 May - 21 June

Things look grim because of new protocols in place in your work sphere. Adaptation is your keyword. The ground may be moving beneath your very feet and you don’t quite know how to deal with things.  Sometimes too much psychological analysis confuse you more. Trust the process of life and go with the flow. Personal finances and your career play an important role in your daily activities. It's time to be noticed for the good works you're doing so don't be afraid to come forward with your new concepts. Forces beyond your control may upset you, but understand that life is no respecter of persons.


22 June - 23 July

An offer may be on the table and you’ll find it hard to refuse. But what’s your motivation for saying no? Make sure the intent serves the end. Take time to be grateful for the friends you have at the moment and don't fret about the ones who've moved on. There were reasons. You could be treading on eggshells to keep the peace, especially if you’re married. Harmony, of course, is essential, but not at the expense of your self-esteem. A change in your work schedule could result in some a breakthrough for you. Conversely, a new job may be looming on the horizon. Be brave and take some new steps.


24 July - 23 August

You’re sentimental and somewhat nostalgic at the moment; thinking about old friends and good times may even bring a tear to your eye. Communicating a problem to someone requires considerable skill on your part. Keep things simple if you wish to foster understanding. You may be annoyed that a gathering or reunion is going to take up a lot of time and possibly even money. Sometimes there is no way to side-step an obligation. You need to communicate better at work to increase your successes. Sharing your thoughts today is important. You can feel the heaviness of financial responsibility lifting now.


24 August - 23 September

You’re currently wasteful with your money and your feelings. Don’t give away too much and compare prices before making a purchase. This is a wonderful time to figure out who your true friends and admirers are. Sometimes, being alone is the only way you can get a solution. Don't rely on others to show you the way; look within yourself. Being too idealistic others won’t understand objectives if you can’t express yourself clearly. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to say but felt unable to do so, then the wait is over. You’ll say it now, whether people like what you have to offer or not!


24 September - 23 October

You need to delegate otherwise your mind will be heavy with so much information to process. Many hands make light work. Plan your work carefully, get it out of the road, and then spend some time enjoying your own company. This will help expand your self-knowledge. Don’t allow envy to bring down your current relationships. You may look at others and wish that you had what that have. Be satisfied with what you’ve got. Don’t avoid taxation and other government or bureaucratic issues. It may make life easy for the moment, but problems in this area may snowball. Address these issues immediately.


24 October - 22 November

It’s not a time for solid achievements but rather to discover, invent, inspire and imagine. You can settle down after the storm has passed. Wait for the calm. Make sure you begin promoting yourself, at present even though you're still on holidays break.  Whatever social circumstances arise, plug yourself into that and get the word out. Now, you'll need to make a daring bid for new beginnings. This has more to do with your emotional connection to others than anything else. You are only trying to achieve so many things at present because someone may be pressurizing you. Your health could be better.


23 November - 22 December

The urge to splurge is irresistible and your desires for good things can turn into cravings during this cycle. If you are dieting, it is likely that you will need to ease up a little. Of course, you should try to avoid unhealthful indulgence but asceticism is not in order either. This is a time to enjoy yourself. You have a cycle in which to break down some of your old beliefs which no longer work for you.  You may actually take pleasure in tearing things down than in building them up.  However, this can be a useful period for you, one that clears the way for the building which will come later.


23 December - 20 January

If people challenge your beliefs today, you will have the opportunity to clear up some of their misconceptions, and rather quickly too. They may even be swayed to change their opinions.  A health problem should start to clear, especially if you’ve heeded your body’s signals. You feel energized and the planets support any physical recovery now. For your projects, you can take decisive action. Your willpower is strong and you’ll know that the decision you’re making is perfect. A new technique of the way you do your work may become a great asset in your professional arena. Try to look for new things.


21 January - 19 February

Hanging around accomplished and successful people is the way to understand the way to success. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. People genuinely help you now. Make adjustments to others’ viewpoint especially if it needs to be used in the work you are doing with them. Don't be a spendthrift today. Your sexual drive is strong and the opposite sex could show a distinct interest in you. Maintain your integrity, of course. Today the focus is on. You feel scattered and unpredictable and there will be many changes. You will, however, have some interesting experiences in love and friendship. 


20 February - 20 March

Get your phone calls and emails out of the way early today. You'll achieve a lot in a short span of time and rewards will be forthcoming. The early bird catches the worm. You could be lacking concentration at present as your memory is collapsing and your attention to detail may be faltering. Find a creative outlet you love to reinvigorate your mind and heart. Implement a new philosophy or quirky way of thinking about things in your work. You’ll be inspired to learn new things in your workplace. At present, you stand a very good chance of being a little too gullible so be careful in any transaction.


21 March - 20 April

You’ll up the ante at work and want to achieve more. Your confidence and work ethic are exemplary. Someone, perhaps your accountant or attorney, may be playing funny arithmetic with you. You need to question the experts today. It may have taken some time that you may finally be qualifying for some accolade, certificate or diploma. If you've been in an educational program, the end may be in sight. You can either go into battle today or diplomatically approach the situation with a cool and calm style of communication. The latter will work wonders.  Are others telling stories behind your back? 


21 April - 21 May

This is a time to transform your perception of things. You can look at life from a thoroughly new perspective to see what is missing, and what the unseen potential is in order to make success a sure thing. This is also a great time to inform others of your own views, especially if you feel you haven't been heard on some relevant issues at present. Rather than looking for something yourself, appeal to others to help in locating the lost item. You’ll be surprised at what others know. Scrutinize people more carefully. Someone you know may throw light on another person you are confused about today.

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