21 March - 20 April

Avoid going over the top right now as you feel you can do more than you really should. You can also be excessively work orientated while three planets transit your career sector. But this could end up in conflict as Mars, the competitive and irritable one is still transiting this part of your horoscope. Professionally, you may feel a little overbooked, as tasks multiply and time is short to complete them. Once you've put on the finishing touches, however, you'll be able to stand back and take pride in your accomplishments. It could be difficult resolving problems but trust your intuition.


21 April - 21 May

What you don't know can hurt you so even non-invasive information-gathering is best left alone right now. Your 12th house of secrets is fully activated by the Sun and Mercury. Honesty is the best policy but do no harm is the bottom line at this time. Financially, spending more money than you have should be curtailed.The less said the better too and... your actions will speak louder than words when the time comes. If you need someone to change, you need to be clear. Get straight to the point. Your ego is strong and you'll be in a position to ‘call the shots’.


22 May - 21 June

You have the opportunity to turn a relationship around, especially if it has been on its last legs. If the relationship is worth fighting for, give it your best shot and you can honestly you didn't leave any stone unturned. A great deal of communication is likely now but don't overtire yourself with too many words. This is also a dynamic period to upgrade your physical well-being through some exercise regime. Friends will be of support and in fact, you may make a new acquaintance soon. A few people are the superficial minority today so don't be blackmailed into following the crowd.


22 June - 23 July

Having knowledge of some specific subject doesn’t necessarily mean that you can implement it practically. There's a huge distance between the theoretical and the practical. Having learned what you’ve learned is wonderful but now the real test is one of how well can you join the dots and bring that knowledge into your moment by moment living. That can be an immense challenge but one that you’re most certainly up for and which will, if you can manage it, enrich your life so much more. You may have the opportunity to benefit from what others create, so don't look a gift horse in the mouth.


24 July - 23 August

You're gaining more insight into your true identity but this this is easier said than done so you could feel exasperated working against the tide of what feels natural. This is a great time to have a face-lift or to drastically change your appearance but isn't necessarily the answer to giving you a new spin on life. Don't avoid the real issues where lasting change is concerned. This relates to endings, thus ending a relationship and/or marriage is also a possibility due to a feeling of being complete in your karma with them on some level. This can also denote transitions for self and others.


24 August - 23 September

You have to express yourself much more clearly when demanding your needs be met, especially by those closest to you. Work-related issues could get confused if you don’t say what’s on your mind and do it with absolute clarity. You don’t want to get involved in community fighting or a dispute on the home front but that may be unavoidable. Take a neutral position for your own peace of mind. You will concentrate your efforts on acquiring beautiful things and will be attracted to luxuries but debts could mount if you aren't prudent with your spending. Tighten the financial belt a little.


24 September - 23 October

A recurring need to help someone could be the reason they continually need YOUR help and you know it. Show them how to help themselves. Helping youngsters make the right choices may tie you up today. Your assistance, however, will make a difference. You are constructive in your duties, just don't let your mind become heavy as a result of others' negativity. You will be high-spirited but also prone to reactive tendencies. Slow your pace and make sure you have adequate time to reach your destination. If your mind dwells on the past you may need a strong counteractive measure to snap out of it.


24 October - 22 November

A renewed vigor in your love life and social engagements can bring out the best in yourself, your talents, strengths and a new clarity regarding your relationships. New contacts you make at this time can help give creative or artistic endeavors a tremendous boost. It’s all about tough love if you want to improve the communication on home-base or get the boundaries really clear with your partner. There's no point in pussyfooting around with important matters because in the end unnecessary pain will have to be dealt with. Meanwhile, there's a package deal coming your way that you couldn't possibly pass up.


23 November - 22 December

Other people may not be on your wavelength now, which could confuse you. Be more empathetic to get to the heart of ‘why’. Today offers you a rare opportunity to reconnect with friends, family members and, in particular, younger children you haven't seen for a while. This will be a welcome relief from your normal day-to-day affairs. You may have some fears about your social network of friends. Your interests are diverging. Habit may be the only thing keeping you there. Sometimes you have to project a different image to get things done. You’ll have to be an actor today to achieve your goals.


23 December - 20 January

You may think that finding a resolution to a particular problem is near-impossible but your creative or subconscious mind will throw up the answer when you least expect it. Don’t have any fear. Your family is relying too much on you. If it’s money they want, you’re going to be caught out. Throw the responsibility back on them. Don't impulsively enter into a marriage or business partnership at present. A career move may be premature. Impulse will not serve you well. Things aren't as they appear. You are likely to be influenced or suffer a betrayal of confidence through your hastiness.


21 January - 19 February

Be careful not to ruin a new romantic opportunity or friendship either. Listen to what the other person has to say and don’t make the meeting all about you. Employ some compassion. The quality of someone’s service may be declining, which means it's time for a change. Do some shopping for more professional people. Sometimes children act like dummies, so why lower yourself to their level? If you’re a parent, maintain your position and don’t play games of crushing self-esteem. You could feel cornered emotionally and may want to escape and spend some quality time alone. What's stopping you?


20 February - 20 March

Keep a solid wall between your personal and business relationships. Work and play wont mix! Otherwise, trouble is brewing and you will certainly complicate issues for yourself. You mustn't aim your energies in too many directions at once. Pamper yourself a little today and don’t be afraid to spend a bit of money. You will feel so much better for it. You could be explosive if you don't watch yourself. Events could get out of control and your reaction could be over the top. Don't be too flamboyant about the way you present yourself. Your self-image will be more important than you think.

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