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Canadian Cozie

Canadiancozie is a sister concern of SIOM organization. Canadiancozie is a Canada based tax saving firm and crowdfunding support platform. The company successfully operated their business almost from last 10 years.What exactly CanadianCozie doing and here is an idea about the company operation. Please do understand and elaborate and write details about this:There are many tax saving or income tax reduction company available in the world. But CanadianCozie is a bit of different. CanadianCozie allowed people to collect donation from their platform.Example: There are two part in this system. Who wants to donate and save their income tax. And other part is who wants donation. Now the most interesting part is when people applied for collect donation through CanadianCozie platform, the company contacted with the people who wants to donate and reduction their income tax. When people donate via CanadianCozie, the company sent a receipt to the donor and process the tax deduction form.CanadianCozie is a liaison between donor and crowdfunding campaigner. This company support any kind of crowdfunding campaign through the world. They contact with their donor to donate the specific campaign and process the tax reduction for donator.when people applied for fulfil their crowdfunding campaign we directly contact with donor and asked for donation to that specific campaign.


Canadian Cozie

54, canada, Canada Bay, New South Wales, 2046, Australia

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