Events Listing Help

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1. Submitting Your Event

At the minimum, please provide:

  • Name of the Event
  • Venue
  • Event Date
  • Street Name
  • Suburb/Postcode
  • Brief Description 
  • Event Type - this allows members of the community to better find your event in our listing
  • Category - this allows members of the community to better find your event in our listing
  • Phone or Email address of the event organiser or venue

To specify the Event Date, enter a Start/End time and then click on a day in the Calendar to highlight it.

Note that multiple dates may be selected but the same Start/End time will apply for each selected date.

Once it is approved, your event will be listed under What's On.

2. Updating Your Event

Log in and access your account details.

Click on "View My Events >>" option.

This will list all your events and allow you to update them by clicking the relevant "Edit" link.

3. Cancelling your Event

To cancel your event, please follow the steps provided in 2. to view a list of all your events.

Then click on the "Cancel" link that appears beside the event you wish to cancel. 

Cancellation will take a few minutes to come into effect so bear in mind that the event may still continue to appear in our listing until its cancellation has been fully processed.

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